Iris—Your modern day emergency alert

Your modern day emergency alert

Through hospital detection, Iris connects you with your loved ones and your health data with medical professionals in the critical moment when you need it most.



Ensuring the most important people are informed during the critical moments when you’re unable to help yourself.

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Hospital Detection

Once Iris notices you're at a hospital, you're sent a push-notification to verify whether or not you're okay or need Iris's help.

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Rapid Alerts are sent

Not okay? After a few minutes, your emergency contact(s) are informed and provided the info needed to reach you.

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Your Digital Health Card

Iris surfaces it on your lockscreen after confirming you're not okay, making it quickly and safely accessible to medical professionals.

Because everyone needs their someone when things get scary.


Liked any good companion, Iris is there when it matters. Taking in and exchanging only the necessary info to the appropriate people.

Instant access. With all of your critical health info. And always keeping your data safe.
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    Your health card provides doctor’s with your age, blood type, allergies, emergency contact info, native language and more.

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    Your card in Wallet app means the personal and private information on your phone is never accessed or used.

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    Surfaced on your lockscreen once we confirm that you need help. Medical professionals simply swipe to open.

Iris on iPhone
Hospital Detection

Whether close to home or vacationing abroad, Iris detects you at the hospital and reaches out to see if you're okay or need help.

Emergency Contacts

Choose at least two reliable people that know you best. This ensures there's always a backup. Sometimes people are napping.

Rapid Alerts

Once a critical moment is confirmed, your loved ones are notified via SMS and provided the info needed to reach you as soon as possible.

Mute Hospitals

Just visiting someone or work at a hospital? Upon detection, tell Iris to mute the hospital temporarily, a custom duration or indefinitely.

Touch ID

Ensure your health information on your iPhone is as secure as possible by enabling Touch ID in your Iris app.


User friendly for any individual that have any form of color-blindness, low vision, hearing difficulties, fine or gross motor impairments, or mental differences.